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Words of Wisdom for Your Children

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Words of Wisdom for Your Children

Marty Lee Parker

You are where you are in the world today because of the belief systems you have deep inside of you. There are certain mantras, quotes and philosophies that make up the great side of your personality and are what you rely on to make smart decisions in your life. Knowing, remembering and actually saying what you believe on a consistent basis to your children can be difficult.

To help pass on your knowledge and wisdom to your children, you must make an event out of the process. Just by agreeing that you have certain beliefs and words of wisdom in you and that when you remember what they are you will then say them to your children, will not work. It takes conscious effort to pass on the knowledge and beliefs you have gathered through all of your years to your children. Having a specific time set up to do this makes sharing our wisdom with our children actually happen and occur on a consistent basis.

A great time to provide kids with your knowledge is at the breakfast table. They have to eat and are stuck in that position until they are finished. This gives them time to actually listen to what you are saying.

By having the goal of telling your kids something smart everyday that will help them out in life, you now have a timeline to meet. It is this timeline that will push you to think of something wise to share with them. Without this goal you would be less likely to take the effort to think of and to tell them the little secrets of life that you have learned.

Share these tid-bits with your kids:

- Before you say anything negative about someone, pretend they are standing beside you.

- If you ever commit a crime someday, somewhere, someone will find out... it might not be tomorrow, or next week, but someday you will get caught.

- A mistake you made can be one of your greatest experiences just as long as the mistake taught you a better way to do something.

Words of wisdom do not have to be profound or made with great elegance to stick. The fact that you are sharing a belief with your child is what makes them listen and take what you say to heart. You are not telling them to pick up their clothes, you are not asking them a question about their day, you are not complaining about the neighbors, instead you are just giving a short jolt of knowledge about something in life.

If you want to insure that your child is a prized worker, tell them this:


This is one of the best forms of free advertising ever. Whatever job, task or project your children are doing for someone, tell them to always throw in an "ALSO". If they are babysitting, tell them to not only watch the kids for three hours but also do the dishes and tidy the kitchen. If they are mowing a lawn, tell them to not only cut the grass, but to clean off the mower, straighten the yard and sweep off the porch when they are done. If they are racking leaves, tell them to not only rack leaves but also bag them and put them where they belong.

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