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Stunning party looks that will suit you…

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It’s the season to start thinking about your festive party wear. Whatever your shape or style use a few of our pointers and you will be able to find that perfect little number that both looks and feels good.

We are all familiar with that dreaded feeling that can creep in once the invitations start to arrive, the wardrobe panic that they can cause and the stressful shopping trips that ensue.

It’s also not unusual for many of us to pick something with more of a ‘that will do’ attitude when really we all deserve to look and feel sensational as we celebrate Christmas and the end of 2010!

For many the key is simply to relax; don’t panic buy. Take some time to really look at all that a shop, catalogue or website has to offer that is suitable for your particular occasion.

By doing this you remove the risk of overwhelming yourself with choices, select a few items and try them on before considering any other styles.

If you know that a particular style or shape suits you then stick to what you know works, its no big secret that the more comfortable you feel in what you are wearing, the more glamorous the overall look!

For those of you still feeling a little out of your depth then we have put together a few hints and tips that should help you to become your own stylist!

The first thing to do is to identify your body shape; are you an hourglass, pear, round, slim or column?

Once you have determined your shape consider the relevant styles and cuts below that will help to remove some of the trawling around not to mention the headaches!

If you are an;

Hourglass – lucky you! Most styles work well with your figure. Just ensure that whatever you chose you go for a style that ‘nips’ in at the waist to emphasise your curves.

Pear shapes – enhance your figure with an empire line or halter neck dress. This will enhance your waistline and balance out your shoulders / hips.

Round – A line / trapeze shapes work best with dresses or try separates by mixing a wrap or flippy panelled skirt or wide leg pair of trousers (with a minimal waistband) with a simple top that has detailing above the bust line.

Slim – go for broke in a slinky bodycon dress or embrace the Audrey Hepburn look in a 60’s inspired shift dress.

Column – Princess line dresses with curved darts will create the illusion of a curvier figure, especially defining more of a waistline. Alternatively go for shaped trousers (this seasons cigarette pants are ideal) with an embellished / textured top.

Finally whatever your shape don’t forget to add accessories, accessories, accessories.

Happy partying!

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