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Pre Diabetes Diet for the Blood Sugar Weight Watchers

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Because of the "thin is in" mentality of most people these days, men and women alike make living healthy part of their goal and so they get into all sorts of diets. There’s Atkins diet, the no food after 6PM diet, low carb diet and the list goes on. None of these diets is quite like the pre diabetes diet, however because while other diets are meant to make you lose weight and get thin, the pre diabetes diet is meant to give you "sexy blood" by maintain your blood sugar level to a healthy amount.

Unlike Atkins, for instance, that makes you eat primarily meat in order to help you build muscles and the other types of diet that encourage you to shy away from carbohydrates, the pre diabetes diet does not make you give up a particular food group. In fact, it encourages you to have your carbohydrates, protein and a healthy amount of good fat. It only stipulates that you watch how much of it you put inside your body to make sure that your blood sugar stays within the reasonable levels.

So to reiterate, those who are into the pre diabetes diet can totally eat carbohydrates. In fact, carbs are not an enemy it all. It simply depends on the type of carbohydrates you eat and the amount that you take in as well. A lot of people tend to eat a minimal amount of rice when they are dieting or give it up all together in order to lose weight. That really is not necessary for the pre diabetes diet. In fact, you can eat rice as long as it is within reasonable amount. Of course, if you want to be really picky, then why switch your white rice for whole grains? You still get your carbohydrate intake minus the high sugar content. That way, you not only manage to maintain your weight or lose a pound or two. You also manage to keep your blood "sexy".

What is great about the pre diabetes diet is that it really targets your overall health while it helps you maintain your weight. Most diets are only concerned about your pounds and inches – nothing more. For all you know, you may be eating food with low calorie content but are high in sugar. So yes, these types of food will not make you gain weight but in no way will it help your blood sugar at all. You can be on a strict diet but still be at risk for diabetes.

Why is it important for you to maintain your blood sugar levels? The reason is you do not want to be among the many who are diagnosed to be diabetic. Sure, diabetes does not kill but its complications do. They say that prevention is better than cure and that is right. Why wait for the time when you are already diabetic before you do something about it? Try the pre diabetes diet now!

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