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Jay began his real estate investing career at the beginning of 2005. He has been a full time investor since 2007. His business focus and specialized knowledge is in rehabs, lease options, rentals, fix and flips, discounted turnkey cashflowing properties for passive investors, wholesale properties, self-directed IRA investing and basic asset protection. In addition, he is a managing member in two commercial projects. His expertise has been sought out as a consultant by independent clients thro

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Once you’ve followed your leads and found that one great deal you’ve been searching for, you’ll need to make sure that the property you’re buying is what you think it is, and not just what it is presented to be.

Many people think we have survived the worst of the economic recession, and we are operating in an increasingly stable real estate market that’s on the mend.

In an historically bad economy like this one, there is no shortage of motivated sellers, which means there is no shortage of opportunities for buyers to get creative with their financing terms.

The most commonly-employed strategy for flipping homes (short-term ownership of real estate) is to fix and flip a rehab property. The investor finds a property for sale that needs repairs, buys it at a price well below the retail market value, assumes responsibility for making those repairs, and then resells the property to a homeowner at its retail value.

Every investor gets into real estate for his own unique, rather idiosyncratic set of reasons, but the common denominator among us all is to improve our quality of life.

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is a government department devoted to subsidizing housing for low-income and otherwise-vulnerable Americans, such as homeless military veterans (HUD-VASH).

Probate real estate is one of those facets of the real estate market that is remarkably consistent, potentially very fruitful, and shockingly underutilized. Probate refers to the process which occurs when property is left as part of the estate of a deceased person, and those to whom the property was bequeathed cannot or will not continue to make mortgage or tax payments.

Fix and Flip: This is the most common strategy employed, and generally what comes to mind when people think about flipping a property.

One of the most common forms of real estate flipping occurs when the investor finds a good deal on a property that needs repair, fixes the issues, and resells the home at its retail value for a (hopefully) substantial profit.

There is a pervasive misconception about real estate investment: ride the rising market and avoid the sinking one, and you are sure to be a successful investor.