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How to Speed Up Your Slow Computer For Free

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So your computer is running slowly? Planning to bring the system to a support provider of PC? Some of you may consider consulting a computer repair company online. Well, did you know that there are ways to speed up your computer for free? Yes, it is necessary to transport the computer to the repair shop or call a technician. Make your computer run like new. How? In this article we will know how to fix the problem even slow PC without spending extra money.

How will you understand your computer is running slow? This is very easy. If you find that your computer is taking too long (as usual) to start or make any other application, then we say that the PC is running slowly. Typically, the normal starting equipment ranges from 30 to 90 seconds. In many cases, you may experience computer crashes or the system displays an error message.

To fix slow computer first thing to take a closer look at your PC. Go through the list of programs and see how many programs are used? Explore all the units and find the unwanted files and folders. You should also check out the startup items on your computer. First, go through the list of programs and make a list of unwanted programs on your computer. They then uninstall through the Control Panel.

Over time, a large amount of disorder is stored on the computer that ultimately reduces the system performance. Delete files and folders on your computer is not necessary. This will create a lot of empty space that will help the team get better results.

It is also necessary to defragment the hard disk. After a long time used in the computer files are fragmented. This means, the pieces of files are scattered in different parts of the hard disk. When you open this file, the computer begins to search for each piece and brings to diminish PC performance. Disk Defragmenter is an integrated feature of Windows that can rearrange the data in the correct order. Run this utility.

In many cases, a corrupt registry is the reason for the slow computer. When you download things and install programs on your computer that lets many useless registry entries empty. Over time, this list of entries increases and as a result of a computer is running slowly. To fix these registry errors you need to scan and repair registry errors. There are many software programs available on the web. Some of them are available for free, but great job. You can install any of these software applications and increase the speed of your computer and improve performance.

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