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Choosing holidays to Thailand in 2011 and 2012

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Holidays to Thailand have seen an increase in visitors from the UK over the last 10 years as holidaymakers warm to the varied destinations and attractions on offer. Tropical islands, soft sandy beaches, temples & palaces, beautiful scenery and a vibrant nightlife are just a handful of reasons so many people are now booking holidays to Thailand.Thailand is the most popular holiday destination in South East Asia. It has borders with Burma, Laos and Cambodia with the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea lap against the sandy shores along the south and southwest coastline. It is a tropical paradise, once considered a backpackers paradise, it has grown into a luxury holiday destination offering resorts and facilities to satisfy the most discerning traveller. Thailand is a friendly country with a variety of holiday destinations to choose from. Top 5 Thailand Holiday Destinations.The capital, Bangkok, is the most popular destination in Thailand and is a vast city which is an intoxicating blend of modern-day sophistication and centuries’ old culture. Shopping, nightlife, cuisine, boat-trips, historical sites all add up to a vibrant holiday destination which has to be visited when holidaying in Thailand. For tropical luxury the island of Phuket is one of Thailand’s most popular beach destinations. Fine beaches and a relaxed atmosphere combined with luxurious beach front accommodation at fabulous prices make Phuket one of the best loved holiday destinations in Thailand. Koh Samui is another beach paradise. The palm fringed beaches and sapphire-blue seas enchant holidaymakers year after year and with a wide range of accommodation options holidays are available for all budgets. In northern Thailand the unique charm, culture, tradition and warm hospitality of Chiang Mai is an essential part of any holiday to this region of Thailand. Elephant rides, Buddhist temples and stunning scenery are the order of the day in this delightful area of Thailand. On the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand is Pattaya – another cracking holiday hotspot. The beaches are great for relaxing and sunbathing as well as having a selection of water sports, whilst Pattaya Town with its famous “strip” offers a wide choice of bars, restaurants, clubs and shopping opportunities. There are also a number of beautiful islands boasting soft sandy beaches which are easily accessible from Pattaya.


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